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New Book: “Pop!”

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Introduction: Buy The Book

In the stream bubbles appear one new one a second and as we watch old ones pop every second, pop, pop, pop. These bubbles represent humans coming into the world by birth and leaving by death, each second is this swirl of bubbles, pop, pop, pop, pop, and one day that pop will be you!

The thought of a death a second is not such a nice one as to dwell on it and so we do not, the thought though of the ongoing mass game of Russian Roulette where your number is guaranteed to come up at some unknown time should force a smart adjustment in perspective and awakening to the moment and living, now.

You do not spend your time sitting mourning each and every pop, considered though the thought of your own popping may be of some concern. Will you pop out of the blue unprepared or will you feel your pop coming? Part of your concern over your pop is sadness and loss you’ll leave behind in others.

Each moment a pop, pop, pop, each moment people suffering that. Aren’t you though, the stream?


That is That a book by WuWu

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“Better than The Open Secret by Tony Parsons, better than The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, the book at the end of the spiritual path, the end of seeking”

That is That by WuWu,

Get it now

Spiritual classics come once every few thousand years.

Hello Goodbye

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My blog Tao Wow took me from a time of realization through many times of confusion as I read others words on realization and at times found that misinterpretation was enough to draw me towards bondage again. On the whole though Tao Wow had very strong posts pointing to the awakened state and at some point I felt it was time to leave it behind and so I moved to Daily Cup of Tao.

Daily Cup of Tao was an attempt to condense awakened ideas to short daily pointers and I had the idea that on completing the blog I’d have nothing left to say. Completing Daily Cup of Tao after one year and roughly 365 posts I took a break.

After the break came Zen in Modern Life, an idea where I would leave the computer and blogging behind and just live, occasionally stopping by to post something. About this time I am noticing a complete lack of an urge to write and the blog is likely, though not surely, to grind to a halt.

Zen in Japan

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Teach a man how to fish, and he’ll eat.

Teach a man about nuclear energy, and he’ll be gone fission.


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About aged 2 you learned this word “why” and started using it.

It is time to stop asking why.

Never say or ask why again.

There is nothing to be explained, nothing that could be any other way.

When the seeker is gone, seeking is gone, Oneness Is

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Secrets and lies and how wrong is right

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This is it. This is as it as it gets.

The secret to changing yourself for the better be that to follow modern day squelch of The Secret disclosed in the book by Rhonda Byrne, or the olden days dust of The Buddha, or any way in between, from self improvement, fighting the oppressive system, making for change in the world, becoming physically flexible, dietarily pure, making for change in the inner realm, are pure junk.

All I know who have come to an understanding, a realization of the inexpressible oneness of all, have gotten there nearly always by accident and almost unanimously by not trying at all, simply being and then realizing – ‘Oh, yes, indeed, this is it, how simple it always was.’

Trying is failing as it is a mind made stretch AWAY from the very now.

Jeff Foster

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A good snippet from the Jeff Foster interview on not being there.

Tao of Physics

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The “Tao of Physics” by Fritjof Capra was a book I read, loved and leant to everyone I met. This new book by Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton called “Punk Science” is now having the same effect on people.

See Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton interviewed here.