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It’s all me me me

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They act the bundle of thoughts they think and wear the person they say they are. Beneath all of this is the being, the silent I am, who attempts pleasant long survival in fear of premature death.

This being brings forth the character and actor who is oblivious to the pure, unencumbered, being shining. Being acts clinging to actor as it fears it rose and shall set.

Behind being is the non-thing before time. Witnessing being rising and decaying back to non-being is this.

And you’re that. Not the bundle of thoughts actor, not the I am being who fears end, you are, and only ever have been, that, wordless, indescribable, non-dual.


Certified by the false

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You don’t need to say I am for I am to be. You don’t need to state you are conscious to be conscious being.

I am comes before the statement I am and so I am states itself. By this no explanation could be true as a bubble in a bubbling stream says nothing of where the stream originated.

Previous to this beingness saying I am is beingness. It is pre-beingness saying I am. You, infinite, never having not being and what always will be, state I am.

That which is, is, then it says I am, then it attaches to (proveably) false ideas on what it is.

Only previous to ideas, previous to I am-ness is that which is. You are only that.

I am unenlightened

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This beingness, ever present in waking, is I am.

I am preexists all mischief made by mind. All error is attached to I am.

Therefor: I am unenlightened.

And: That before I am is awakened.

In Silence

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There is no silence where there is mind.

Absent of I, here rests this one in absolute vacant completeness.


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Life * is a distraction.

(*as you know it)


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Don’t get any big ideas.

iAct iReact

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King or pauper, loss or gain, grind or flow, construction destruction, heart break or heart felt, are all experience in the process acted by actor I. Attachment to the experience or the material haves or have nots here is farcical.

Forget the acted actor and the play drops away. Revert to perfect source.

That we see war and still go back to war is showing that lessons are not learned so are re-acted. We do not need to learn again and again though, we may simply forget the first illusion, the idea we are separate, then the play is not acted, the process-experience flows without an ego, an ego who is effect not cause but convinced he drives the show.

The only lesson to learn is that lessons need not be learned, instead simply extinguished, realized as unreal as their reality is fabricated from the false idea of I-separate.

To go about saying “this is wrong, these people are oppressive, I should be able to have this, I do not want to have this experience-process” is not showing that you are wise and right, but that you are suffering a show on behalf of an actor you believe to be real.

Back to Isness

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It isn’t what it was. It isn’t what you plan, it isn’t what you think, it isn’t what you have in mind,

First Attachment

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You can only feel an emotion, an attachment; can only have a material thing, idea, concept; can only be this or that; due to the first attachment, the attachment to “I”. That false idea born around age 2 and solidified by later childhood.

All sadness, happiness, having or loss is attached to the first attachment and when that is extinguished so too are the sub-attachments.

Ever Perfect

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The universe is ever perfect.

As look, see?

From a human perspective it may seem imperfect,

but this is because the human is not seeing the universe.

Only a small constructed abstraction.