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I crashing out of me

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If you just stop pretending that someone is driving then you won’t need to pretend it is their fault for swerving. Seeing as we do that the universe was not caused some time ago but caused just then by the thought. Seeing the now event as the pure now future and the consigned split present moment just conceived, as reality and fallacy respectively. Seeing that seeing is it and seen and see-er are false explanations of something undivided. Seeing that enlightenment is not gained by one seeking and instead as what we were always until thought split.



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Posts soon.

I have been away so all my thoughts are on paper and will be added to the blog soon.

PS The best way to read this blog is probably via the Archives link.

Instant Satori

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Satori is always instant and comes about by itself, quite without your effort. Effort indeed is motion away from Satori.

When the universe is left to do itself and the person sees they could be no place else, that life could be no other way, then Satori may occur.

Sit for a million years and you may keep Satori away by just the idea you are doing this to achieve.

Let life be and be, and Satori will come about all by itself.


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In tough times, when things seem impossible; Remember who you are, that you move mountains with wind, support galaxies with space, and importantly – that life does itself.

The loop of understanding

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You won’t ever understand until you see that understanding is limited.

Given all information until complete understanding, to have all so that infinity is mapped completely, and allowing for that new understanding to also be understood so that nothing, not even the current motion of now is missed, you’d see. This is how it is.

Don’t fear what’s out there

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They always encourage you to be wary of the world “look ot for yourself” they say.

Well no, I say: “look in for yourself”

Always keep focused on the within and you’ll never be without.

Democratic politics

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There is no democracy in politics and I have no political standing or belief in the system.

People I see vote from a selection who offer only war and tax and once voting is complete all the people have done is vote in a new dictator and figure head.

Should you look to give control away to those who desire power or should you work only inwards to your true source. A source desireless, infinite and blissfull.

Whole peace pipe

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Millions of smokers see the cure to cigarette craving as a cigarette. This cure for craving though lasts a mere few hours and soon returns.

The cure is instead to not answer the craving with a cigarette but with nothing. Tough as this seems this fix is permenant.

Millions see the answer to spiritual craving as sutras, meditation, pilgrimage, visiting a church or making a donation. The answer again is to not answer the craving but give it nothing.

With time this fix is unending spiritual release.

Giving up smoking is tough. What about that craving for external spiritual release that is truly within?

Travelling Om-ward

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Do you see enlightenment as your desired destination or recognize it as the sweet ongoing path?


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prrrrrp. Just another sign of nature’s sense of humour.