Secrets and lies and how wrong is right

In Uncategorized on May 15, 2011 at 2:36 am

This is it. This is as it as it gets.

The secret to changing yourself for the better be that to follow modern day squelch of The Secret disclosed in the book by Rhonda Byrne, or the olden days dust of The Buddha, or any way in between, from self improvement, fighting the oppressive system, making for change in the world, becoming physically flexible, dietarily pure, making for change in the inner realm, are pure junk.

All I know who have come to an understanding, a realization of the inexpressible oneness of all, have gotten there nearly always by accident and almost unanimously by not trying at all, simply being and then realizing – ‘Oh, yes, indeed, this is it, how simple it always was.’

Trying is failing as it is a mind made stretch AWAY from the very now.

  1. Then seeming to choose a new diet, action, way, are seen as the action of the whole, the only way it was ever going to be and not ‘choices’ made by a ‘me’ with the ‘idea’ to ‘improve’ in the ‘future’.

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